What’s the Best Way to Knit Socks?

Socks are small, portable, colorful, kooky, or boring. They’re useful and give you the chance to indulge your creative, whimsical side. There are a bazillion different and, usually, very attractive sock patterns out there. In short, why wouldn’t you knit socks? Well, there are some real challenges to sock knitting.  I’ve always found them a … Read more

Knitting with Aran Weight Yarn

Knitting a Cable in Aran Weight Yarn

What is Aran Weight Yarn? Is it the same as worsted weight?  Source A says yes, Source B says no, it’s a little heavier.  All of which is to say, it’s very similar to worsted weight yarn.  The Craft Yarn Council specifically includes Aran weight yarn in the worsted weight category. Very confusing. What’s a … Read more