Don’t Knit on Lumpy Days

My daughter and I got our 2nd COVID vaccines yesterday.  (Hurray!  A maskless future awaits!)  It took several hours for the immune response, aka side effects, to kick in.

For me, my intestines are in an uproar.

My daughter had some mild nausea, too, last night, but the real symptoms kicked in for her this morning.

She walked to the local drugstore, a mile & a half

away, forgot to buy the thing she went there to get, forgot to wear a hat – it’s sunny & headed for the low 90’s here – the aches & pains, etc started to kick in on her return trip.

Then, a bird crapped on her head.

Other than a mildly paranoid belief that the birds decided to “go after the slow one,” she’s pretty cheerful about the whole thing.

I did ask her to use the hose outdoors to clean her hair, since  I really don’t want to get the house steamed up on this already steamy day.

When she turned on the hose, it made this weird sort of groaning noise.  My first thought was, “Oh no, what are my intestines up to now??”  Not kidding at all.  I’m hungry, but afraid to eat.

So today is full of lumps rather than being smooth sailing, but that’s ok, because tomorrow will be better.  And in 2 weeks, we will be free of our masks!

My advice, keep your eyes on the prize.  I do NOT like getting vaccines, but I really like breathing.  I assume you feel the same.

Best wishes for good health, smooth sailing, & if you run into a lumpy day, may your sense of humor make it bearable.

PS.   Don’t knit on lumpy days.  It leads to a severe infestation of frogging.

Any other advice for “lumpy” days?

“No frogging here. Ribbit, ribbit.”

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