About Me

Ah, knitting.  I learned for the first time as a young child.  Then I put it aside & forgot about it until college. By then, I had forgotten what little I had learned.  I had to re-teach myself how to knit!

I put it aside again until the early 2000’s and I’ve been off & on every since.

You see why I call my knitting skills “still beginning”?

Sure, I’m experienced.  Sort of.

Which brings me to…

Why I Launched This Website

I really do know some things about knitting, but I suffer from a severe case of UFO syndrome.

Will I ever advance to being a genuinely skilled knitter who finishes projects?

Will I ever become a knitter who designs her own projects?

Only time will tell.

How I Aim To Help You

I know I’m not the only “still beginning” knitter out there.  Do you have similar goals & challenges?  What’s out there that can help us in our knitting goals?

I don’t know. Yet.

But I’ll share what I learn here with you.

Now that you know about me & the website, please dive into some of my articles & let me know what would help you!

Karen Lee

Founder of StillBeginning.com


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