How Much Yarn Should I Buy?

At first glance, figuring out how much yarn to buy seems easy.  Just buy what the pattern tells you to buy. Not so fast. In reality, yarn buying almost always falls into one of two scenarios: Scenario #1:  The yarn listed in the pattern is unavailable, too expensive, or you just don’t like it. Scenario … Read more

What Should I Knit Next? 9 Points to Consider

Knitters frequently find knitting to be compelling and irresistible. This leads to a great deal of thought about the next project. Here are some questions and possibilities to consider while you’re daydreaming about your next project.  There are no wrong answers, but considerations will vary. Questions to Consider Am I looking for a challenge? a. … Read more

How to Succeed at Christmas Panic Knitting

Gift knitting

It happens every year like clockwork. I’ve got a last minute project on my needles that I’m planning on giving to someone for Christmas.  There are inches, or feet, to go and only a few days to get there. This year’s Christmas panic knitting project: my bushwhack knitting afghan(?). I still haven’t measured its length.  … Read more

4 Ways “Overweight” Yarns Help Beginning Knitters

I don’t knit with bulky, chunky, or jumbo yarns very often.  I don’t like the way the stitches look.  They seem awkward and lacking in subtlety.  Overblown, usually. But there are times when bulky yarn, or larger, is a great choice. When you’re in a hurry… Your winter hat is gone.  Who knows where.  Maybe … Read more

The Best Beginning Knitting Pattern is …. a Scarf

I’ve said this many, many times.  The answer to the perennial question:  “what should my first knitting project be?”  or “what is the best beginning knitting pattern?” is a scarf.  It’s been a scarf for centuries and I expect it will be a scarf for many more.  Why? KISS:  Keep It Simple, Silly! When you’re … Read more