5 Reasons Why Cheap Yarn is Expensive

Yarn can easily be the most expensive part of knitting.  At first glance, cheap yarn is the solution.  But cheap yarn has hidden costs. One of the biggest potential costs is that the final result will be so badly flawed you’ll just end up throwing it away.  Knitting is a process and cheap yarns can … Read more

To Cable Needle or Not to Cable Needle?

Over the course of my knitting experience, I’ve seen a variety of cable needles.  From metal, to plastic, to wood.  Different shapes and sizes.  There’s a fair amount to choose from. But my question is: Do we really need cable needles?  For the longest time, I thought I couldn’t make cables without them, but as … Read more

Wooden Knitting Needles: 5 Points to Consider

Wooden knitting needles

I strongly prefer wooden knitting needles. If you haven’t tried wooden needles, or haven’t tried knitting needles made out of different materials, here are some things to look for: Comfort Points Texture Strength Circular or Straight Comfort For nearly 30 years, I only knitted with metal needles and my hands always hurt. It wasn’t until … Read more

When Knitting & Life Conflict…

I haven’t done a great job of writing for my site this month.  It hasn’t been terrible, I just haven’t met my personal goals.  I have my reasons. I’m moving. Sounds like a good enough reason all by itself, right?  Well, I own my house, so I have to find a realtor, get it listed, … Read more

Yarn Storage Ideas: Repel Moths Naturally!

Almost all knitters (and crocheters and weavers) eventually end up with more yarn than they can use.  The result:  the yarn stash. However big or small your stash is, you’ll want to store your beautiful, and possibly expensive, yarns safely.  Keeping your yarn clean, dry, out of reach of rodents, cats, sun and heat are … Read more

13 Tips for Knitting with Cotton Yarns

The cotton plant is part of the mallow family of flowering plants.  A field of cotton flowers or cotton bolls, the part we get cotton fibers from, can be very attractive, but not as attractive as a pile of colorful cotton yarn. As knitters, and crocheters, our primary interest is in the yarn that cotton … Read more