The Pros & Cons of Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Interchangeable knitting needle sets have replaced circular knitting needle sets, like this one, for many good reasons. I use interchangeable knitting needles almost exclusively.  I have some double pointed needles and some fixed circular needles, but I have completely gotten rid of my straight needles.  While there are cons to interchangeables, I find the pros … Read more

Knitting Needle Size Chart

Converting knitting needle sizes from American to metric and back again. You found a great looking European design, but you’re not sure what needle size you need? Or you found a great American design and don’t know if you have the correct needles? Look no further. Here are the most common needle sizes in American … Read more

About Me

Ah, knitting.  I learned for the first time as a young child.  Then I put it aside & forgot about it until college. By then, I had forgotten what little I had learned.  I had to re-teach myself how to knit! I put it aside again until the early 2000’s and I’ve been off & … Read more