Fast Knitting Projects for Beginners (& Everyone Else)

How do you measure knitting speed?  Do you count it in stitches/minute, or the amount of time it takes for you to finish a project?  The truly speedy knitters measure it in stitches/minute, but maybe you just want to have a pile of finished objects to show off to friends and family. Many beginning knitters … Read more

How to Succeed at Christmas Panic Knitting

Gift knitting

It happens every year like clockwork. I’ve got a last minute project on my needles that I’m planning on giving to someone for Christmas.  There are inches, or feet, to go and only a few days to get there. This year’s Christmas panic knitting project: my bushwhack knitting afghan(?). I still haven’t measured its length.  … Read more

4 Ways “Overweight” Yarns Help Beginning Knitters

I don’t knit with bulky, chunky, or jumbo yarns very often.  I don’t like the way the stitches look.  They seem awkward and lacking in subtlety.  Overblown, usually. But there are times when bulky yarn, or larger, is a great choice. When you’re in a hurry… Your winter hat is gone.  Who knows where.  Maybe … Read more

When Knitting & Life Conflict…

I haven’t done a great job of writing for my site this month.  It hasn’t been terrible, I just haven’t met my personal goals.  I have my reasons. I’m moving. Sounds like a good enough reason all by itself, right?  Well, I own my house, so I have to find a realtor, get it listed, … Read more

Knit Like a Boss: A Book Review

Knitting without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann, first published in 1971, is still a wonderful book for new and beginning knitters. EZ, as the author is frequently called, writes in a wonderfully irreverent and humble style.  She claims to be opinionated and even cantankerous about knitting.  Her goal is to teach all knitters to “be the … Read more

My Top 3 Summer Knitting Projects

As I write this, we’re on day 2 of a heat wave that will probably last 3 more days.  (Anyone else notice they’re not using the term “heat wave” anymore?  As if that will make it less hot.) It’s not good weather for knitting. Maybe I’m contrary person.  A heat wave hits, and I want … Read more