Knitting & the Not-Fun Needles

I’ve had both my required vaccine shots.  It wasn’t fun, especially the second one, but I am very much looking forward to the result:  getting back to life outside my house. Meetup groups, library groups, church groups, and our favorites, LYS knitting groups, are all coming back. Maybe in your neck of the woods they … Read more

Don’t Knit on Lumpy Days

My daughter and I got our 2nd COVID vaccines yesterday.  (Hurray!  A maskless future awaits!)  It took several hours for the immune response, aka side effects, to kick in. For me, my intestines are in an uproar. My daughter had some mild nausea, too, last night, but the real symptoms kicked in for her this … Read more

5 Life Lessons from Knitting

Be Persistent.  I find it’s fairly easy to finish small projects.  I’ve made a lot of hats over the years because I seem to ruin or lose my hats on a regular basis.  That’s fine.  It’s fun to make a new hat, but I don’t drool over hat patterns. No, it’s the challenging ones that … Read more