How to Organize Your Knitting Needles

Your knitting needles are an important investment in your lifelong knitting hobby/wellness practice.  With proper care, they’ll last through many projects and even many hands.  They could even become heirloom needles passed on to grandchildren! Organized Knitting Needle Storage Prevents Frustration There are soo many reasons why you should store your needles in an organized … Read more

Knitting for Peace & Democracy

Like many of you, the events of the last couple of weeks have left me shocked and worried.  I am happy to see the enormous outpouring of support for the Ukrainian people and the ideal of democracy.  I am appalled by the price the Ukrainian people are paying to teach us  the importance of this … Read more

What is “therapeutic knitting”?

Is “therapeutic knitting” a real thing?  Is it different than everyday knitting? History The term “therapeutic knitting” was first used by Betsan Corkhill, a British physiotherapist with a focus on “whole person health.”  In order to get scientists to pay attention to knitting, she described it as a “rhythmic, bilateral, midline crossing psychosocial intervention.” Any … Read more

Knitting On the Go: Make a Travel Kit

Knitting on the go

One of the great advantages of knitting is that it’s portable.  You can bring it to visit relatives, to a ball game, or on your European vacation.  Obviously, the longer the trip, the more preparation is required.  It would be awful if you ran out of yarn and had to stop knitting until you could … Read more

Wrangling Your Stash

Useful Definitions Your Knitting Stash:  The enormous amount of yarn you’ve accumulated over years (usually) or months (!!!!) with the intention of someday doing something with it. Most knitters are somewhat addicted to yarn.  It’s looks great and feels better, at least the good stuff does. And why would you want the yucky stuff?  This … Read more

Knitting for Health: 9 Evidence-Based Benefits

9 Health Benefits of Knitting

People often ask “what are the health benefits of knitting?”  It turns out there are many.  Some of the evidence-based benefits, so far, include: lower blood pressure reduces depression & anxiety slows the onset of dementia is as relaxing as yoga distracts from chronic pain Opportunity for creativity increases sense of wellbeing reduces loneliness & … Read more

How Much Yarn Should I Buy?

At first glance, figuring out how much yarn to buy seems easy.  Just buy what the pattern tells you to buy. Not so fast. In reality, yarn buying almost always falls into one of two scenarios: Scenario #1:  The yarn listed in the pattern is unavailable, too expensive, or you just don’t like it. Scenario … Read more