It’s International Cat Day! 4 Free Knitted Cat Patterns

A few knitted cat patterns in honor of International Cat Day –


Legally, I can’t include any of the photos, so you’ll just have to follow the links.  I have included a few completely unrelated cat photos for your entertainment.

Nevermind the toys, I want tuna.

 #1.  Kate’s Knitted Cat

The toy that started it all, at least on  Kate’s knitted cat. The photo is of a knitted orange tabby, but since you’re making it, you can make it any color you want.  The next one is the sequel, “kate’s kitten.”  It’s tiny!

#2.  Kate’s Kitten

Maybe you’re too grown up to haul around a stuffed cat toy.  But you really want to.  Here’s the miniature version of Kate’s cat.  This one is small enough to fit in your pocket.  Or pencil cup.  Whatever. 

Still waiting on my toy…

#3.   Dim Sum (for Cats)

Enough with toys for humans! It’s time for some toys for Cats!  What else would you do for International Cat Day?

#4.  Gattino

Fluffy and super snuggly.  This one might just become a child’s new favorite bedtime toy.  Christmas is coming!


[Note: I can’t access today. No idea why, but I snagged these links before my issues started with knitty, so they should work.]

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