Knit a Beer Mitt to Celebrate Drink Beer Day!

It’s Drink Beer Day!

Plenty of knitters enjoy beer and even more have loved ones that LOVE beer, so why not combine knitting and beer?

It turns out plenty of knitters have found a way to combine knitting and beer (or other beverages).

First, came the drink cozy.  Koozy?  Coosy?  Well, however you spell it, knitters have been making them for years.  Patterns for them are everywhere.

Then, came the Beer Mitt.

I had to look this one up.  What it is, is a pair of mittens, with one of them shaped to include a drink cozy.  The other mitten is typically a normal shaped mitten, so one of your hands can be used normally.

Lots and lots of beer cozy mitt patterns are available online.

Here’s a couple of resources to get you started.

Thanks to Toby Roxane Barna for her FREE beer mitt pattern available on Ravelry.

Barbara Larmondin did a phenomenal job of collecting 42 free beer mitt patterns into one Pinterest board called “free beer mitt patterns”.  Thanks, Barbara!

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