Knitting Needle Size Chart

Converting knitting needle sizes from American to metric and back again.

You found a great looking European design, but you’re not sure
what needle size you need? Or you found a great American design and
don’t know if you have the correct needles? Look no further. Here
are the most common needle sizes in American and Metric so you can convert your needle sizes with ease!

0 2mm
1 2.25 or 2.5mm
2 2.75mm or 3mm
3 3.25mm
4 3.5mm
5 3.75mm
6 4.0mm
7 4.5mm
8 5.0mm
9 5.5mm
10 6.0mm
10.5 6.5mm
10.75 7.0mm
11 8.0mm
13 9.0mm
15 10.0mm
17 12mm
19 15mm
35 20mm
50 25mm


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