Knitting & the Not-Fun Needles

I’ve had both my required vaccine shots.  It wasn’t fun, especially the second one, but I am very much looking forward to the result:  getting back to life outside my house.

Meetup groups, library groups, church groups, and our favorites, LYS knitting groups, are all coming back.

Maybe in your neck of the woods they never went away, or your internet setup let you take part in zoom calls  with your group and that was enough for you.

For myself, my microphone didn’t work and zoom meetings just aren’t the same as in-person meetings.  Technical difficulties happen.  That’s life.

It’s one reason why we prefer real life interactions.

I imagine us all emerging from our caves/dens, blinking in the sunlight.  First just a few, then more and more, until we all stand outside blinking like owls, looking around, seeing friends and neighbors for the first time in over a year.

It hasn’t been that bad.  We’ve all gone out shopping.  Some of us have worked through most, or all, of the pandemic.  Thank you, Essential Workers!

Good-bye to all those who have died, the ones who had COVID-19, the ones who couldn’t get care because of COVID-19, and especially, the caregivers who worked on the front lines providing care to the sick, putting their lives and their families’ lives at risk to keep so many others alive.  I hope that someday we appreciate their sacrifices.

It seems almost trivial to worry about the day to day challenges of living against this backdrop.

Will we remember how to interact in a group?  How badly have our social skills atrophied?  Can we be patient and tolerant of each other’s “dropped stitches” as we learn to navigate this post-pandemic world?

One thing’s for certain:  knitting makes everything better.  If we’re not ready to talk, it’s as simple as concentrating on our knitting, pretending, if necessary, to be absorbed in a particularly tricky bit.

Hopefully, we’ll all remember to apply the lessons in patience that we’ve learned from out knitting to those around us.

On the flip side, we’ll be able to sit around an LYS table, sharing tea or coffee, looking at each other’s projects, lusting after particularly beautiful yarn or needles, and just enjoying the presence of real, breathing, living human beings.

Of course, we’ll have to wear pants.  *sigh*

It’s too bad pajama bottoms have never caught on as a business/work style.  Wouldn’t that be something?  Maybe people would be less irritable if we all dressed in more comfortable clothes.

Does anyone have a pattern for knitted pajama bottoms?

I have a feeling we’ll need our sense of humor and an appreciation of the absurd.

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