When You Can’t Knit Because Your Brain Is Melting

I imagine some of you aren’t experiencing a heat wave right now.  I am.

It seems like there was a lot of unusually hot weather this summer, not just for me, or the US, but around the globe.

It’s made it hard for me to think.  And to write.  Or knit.

Many summers, especially during the hottest days, I’m very attracted to my yarn.  I usually pull out a bunch of my stash and look at it.  Then I put it away, because it is so unbearably hot that I don’t want to touch it for too long.

(Sweating all over your knitting, yuck.)

So I look at my yarn, look at my pattern books and magazines, and plan for the fall, when it’s cooler and knitting will feel wonderful again.

When it’s the 6th or 7th, or whatever-th day in a row under a heat advisory, knitting is not the healthy choice.  I’ve put up my needles, for now.

Wishing cool, clean air and water for you all.

Knitter Karen

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