World’s Easiest Free Knitting Scarf Pattern

Garter stitch

I’ve always wanted to design a knitted …. something.  I’m not that fussy about what, just so long as I could say I designed something.  So here it is.

The Easiest, Most Adaptable, Knitted Scarf Pattern

Finished Measurements About 8″ x 60″ to 72″

Pick a simple yarn, nothing fancy or fuzzy, in a color you like.  Make sure you have at least 1200 yards.


Use the size recommended on the label.  If they give a range, pick your favorite, or whatever you have available that’s within the range.



Knit it & find out!  No swatch needed for this pattern!

Stitch Pattern 

Garter Stitch


Using the needle size recommended on the label, cast on about 8″ worth of stitches.  (Check the yarn label to estimate how many that would be – usually 2x the amount listed for the gauge.)

Odd Rows:  Knit across.

Even Rows:  Knit across.

If you’re a true beginner, you should count the stitches in each row until you stop accidentally adding or subtracting stitches.

Repeat until you run out of yarn, or hit your desired length, or just can’t take it anymore.

Cast off when it’s long enough and/or you have about 4x the width of your scarf left in yarn.For example, if your scarf is 8″ wide, cast off when you’re down to no less than 32″ of yarn.

Just for fun, check the gauge at the beginning of the scarf & the end of the scarf.

Hand wash in cool water & lay flat to dry, unless you’d like it to be a little longer.  In that case, hang to dry.


I realize this pattern is not as mindless as many.  You have to do a little hunting, read the yarn label & do a little math.  If you are new to knitting, reading the label & knitting math will probably be new to you.  These are skills you will need for the rest of your knitting life, so why not start now?

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